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  1. heyaapl

    My inactivity

    There is one tonight
  2. heyaapl

    Taking a leave of absence

    Bye matt!
  3. heyaapl

    Why has the server been really inactive recently?

    The server has actually been super active lately! Spaceminer, I haven't seen you on in ages!
  4. heyaapl

    Dual Server?

    Topic locked.
  5. heyaapl

    Server Growing !

    It's weird how fast its growing, but at the same time so exciting to meet all of the new members of the community!
  6. heyaapl

    Promo Video!

    It really wasn't bad, I just wanted to make it
  7. heyaapl

    Promo Video!

    Here is the post I made about the new video http://www.heyaapl.com/forum//index.php?/topic/26-applecraft-official-video/
  8. heyaapl

    Building Interest

    Haha, thanks Equinox I'm gonna sticky this post. Once we hit 100 registered members, i'm going to be giving away $200 worth of donation status. Ten $10 donors, two $25 donors, and one $50 donor to our registered members here on the forums as well as in-game! Even MORE reasons to tell your friends about AppleCraft!
  9. heyaapl

    The new site!

  10. heyaapl

    The new site!

    Thanks, I'm still playing with the theme. Still need to add forum categories, and fill it out with sticky stuff