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  1. AyeiTzMatt


    I'm STILL alive! haha i'll officially be back to my normal activeness starting Monday lol. See you guys soon.
  2. AyeiTzMatt

    Taking a leave of absence

    Apple! I miss YO FACE! :3
  3. AyeiTzMatt

    Taking a leave of absence

    Hey everyone, I won't be on the server for the remaining of this week including the next two weeks. I'm going to be out of the country during that time.. Hope you guys don't miss me . See you guys when I get back.. To the staff, I will be on Skype from time to time to see how apple's server is going don't fire me! I promise I'll be back To OG, Don't text me lol you're gonna get charged. -Admin Matt
  4. AyeiTzMatt

    Why has the server been really inactive recently?

    It's not really inactive. I'm on (though that's only one person). Idk where everyone else is, but if they have a job or go to school can be a factor in why they haven't been on. -Admin Matt
  5. AyeiTzMatt

    Dual Server?

    Applecraft is still growing and we're primarily a SG server, but we are adding more stuff. if you were more actively on you'd noticed that we now have spleef and building more arenas, currently waiting for MineZ to be multi-world compatible so we can officially incorporate that into Applecraft. -SMod Matt
  6. AyeiTzMatt

    MineZ VOTE!!

    we're waiting for it to be multi-world compatible. we did install it before, but had to take it out because it effected every world esp SG.
  7. AyeiTzMatt

    Server Growing !

    gg axel gg.